Can't Go? Constipation Causes

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Experiencing constipation is uncomfortable, whether it's bloating, cramping or pain when using the bathroom. Obvious causes include not eating enough fiber, not drinking enough water or a lack of exercise. But what else could be stopping you up? Some of the answers might surprise you. First, check your medicine cabinet. Painkillers, particularly those that contain narcotics, are notorious for causing constipation. If your doctor has prescribed them, then you might want to ask if a stool softener is a good idea as well. Even aspirin and ibuprofen have been linked to constipation. Antidepressants, particularly older tricyclic ones, such as Elavil, can contribute to the problem, and check your vitamin stash. If you really need to be taking an iron or calcium supplement, ask your doctor about getting a stool softener to counteract the effects that supplements containing these two nutrients might have. Certain health conditions increase the risk of constipation.