Portion Distortion: Reality Check

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More isn't merrier, especially when it comes to what you're putting in your mouth. Inflation has given us a warped perception of just how big a portion size truly is. In this super-sized society, everything is bigger, bolder and badder for your waistline.

While 20 years ago a typical bagel had a three-inch diameter and 140 calories, today's bagel is often a whopping six inches and 350 calories. Still not convinced that there's a growing problem at hand? Consider that a McDonald's hamburger was just 1.6 ounces in 1955, compared to today's 8-ounce burger that can cost you upwards of 590 calories. The portion distortion epidemic is prominent in both restaurant kitchens and home kitchens. While you can't control the portion sizes you're served when dining out, you can get a handle of what you bring to your own table. One way is to use a food scale to measure out your portions. There are also other effective rules of thumb you can use to eyeball servings.