No Yolk! Egg Whites Are Better

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Opt for egg whites. For decades, eggs had a bad rap for raising cholesterol. However, experts have back-pedaled over the last few years claiming there is no link between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol, which essentially lets the egg off the hook. Despite these findings, debate still lingers. The American Heart Association says that egg yolks are high in cholesterol, yet the whites have no cholesterol at all. They recommend using two eggs whites or one egg white and two teaspoons of unsaturated oil in place of one egg when cooking. Egg whites are a good choice for dieters - a large egg's white only has 16 calories, plus 3 grams of protein. It's fat- and cholesterol-free, too. A whole egg will cost you 75 calories and 5 grams of fat - 2 of which are saturated. However, the whole egg contains twice the protein of just the white, and it has more calcium and potassium. You can also opt for egg substitutes to replace eggs. They don't contain cholesterol and are lower in calories than regular eggs. Plus, they come in delicious flavors like cheese and chive, southwestern and garden vegetable so you can make a quick, tasty and healthful breakfast to go. Egg substitutes can usually replace eggs when you bake, too. One egg is equivalent to 1/4 cup of egg substitute, but they shouldn't be used in recipes like meringues or angel food cakes, in which whipping is called for.