Shop 'Til You Drop the Pounds
Today's Diet & Fitness Tip
Window shop. Don't spend...expend. Hit the mall in the name of better health. When inclement weather sidetracks your normal walk, take to the nearest mall and make great strides. Peek in the windows as you pass by your favorite stores...over... Read More
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Smokers and Exercise
At first glance, smoking and exercising do not seem to go hand in hand. Smokers are generally not known for their stamina and overall...
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Stripping for Fitness: Try a Racy Workout!
It's fun, it's sexy and it's one of the hottest crazes in the world of working out. It's called strip aerobics (or sometimes striptease...
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How To Do a Perfect Crunch
Beyond firming your belly, strength in the abdominals is essential because the abs' central location in the torso makes them a linchpin...
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