From Belly Fat to Belly Flat: Find the Missing Link

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A hot new book is determined to help readers say goodbye to their protruding pooches forever. In From Belly Fat to Belly Flat: How Hormones Are Adding Inches to Your Waist and Subtracting Years from Your Life (HCI, 2008), authors Dr. C.W. Randolph and Genie James get to the heart of metabolic matter by targeting the cause of those sagging stomachs.

Although he is largely recognized for his work in natural medicine, Dr. Randolph is both a trained pharmacist and a board-certified gynecologist. James, meanwhile, is Executive Director of Women Evolving, LLC Inc. and the co-founder of the Natural Hormone Institute of America, while also working as a healthcare consultant, professional speaker and author.

Based on years of research, hands-on experience and work with thousands of patients, they contend that a shift in hormone production and balance that occurs naturally with age is the real culprit causing those pounds to pack around the middle. To battle the bulge, the belly-fat-fighting duo have come up with a slimming solution based on three simple principles:
1. Restore hormone balance naturally via bio-identical hormone replacement therapies (BHRT).
2. Follow a nutritional program (outlined in the book), including foods and supplements that help support the body's optimum hormone balance.
3. De-stress and sleep more. Stress and sleeplessness also do a number on hormone balance.

The foundation of their program is bio-identical progesterone cream. It may sound like smoke and mirrors to skeptics, especially to those who don't lend any credence to topical creams. However, the two authors maintain that their formula for fighting belly fat works where most other programs fail. In this MyDailyMoment exclusive, James and Dr. Randolph sit down to discuss From Belly Fat to Belly Flat and reveal the inside secrets of how it can work for you.