Hills' Hottie Shares Cellulite-Fighting Secrets

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"I've changed the way I snack," Lo adds. "I focus on eating fresh fruits and vegetables. They taste so much better than chips, especially when they're readily available at the farmer's market."

Lo faces the same cravings and temptations as most women. "I'm a major foodie, so I really love good food. I have a cheese pizza problem!" Lo's strategy is to eat well during the week and allow herself sensible splurges on the weekends. "I make pizza myself instead of ordering it. I use whole-wheat flour to make the recipe healthier," Lo says.

Of course, her cellulite-fighting regimen wouldn't be complete without having the proper beauty resources on hand. Nivea's skincare product regimen includes its Good-Bye Cellulite Gel-Cream, Patches and Dietary Supplement Capsules, which work to help the body support lean muscle mass and reduce the appearance of cellulite. "I was skeptical when Nivea approached me about the campaign, but then I said 'Why not?' I really get a tightening effect when I use the product in the morning and at night. It's become such a part of my routine," Lo says. As for the style component, Lo tries to dress for her body and not follow the trends that don't flatter her shape.