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A lot can happen in 21 days. Just ask trainer-to-the-stars Jeanette Jenkins, who swears that within three weeks you can alter your life, lose weight and get on the fast-track to a healthier, happier you. With eight workout videos under her... Read More
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10 Scrumptious and Healthy Snacks
When reaching for a quick snack, it's easy to fall victim to temptation and grab a chocolate bar or potato chips. Candy and chips may...
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5 Reasons To Go Meatless
It's no secret that the American meat-heavy diet could use a serious overhaul. We consume nearly one and a half times more meat than most...
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Do You Know Where Hidden Calories Lie?
Isn't is downright nasty when you are on diet and you are working out, and eating only healthy foods when you hop on the sale at the...
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