Best Abdominal Exercises

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Flat six-pack abs seems to be what everyone strives for when they hit the gym or get exercising. And why not? A strong core is the cornerstone of a healthy and strong body; toned abs look great; and a midsection without body fat is an excellent way to reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, and other diseases.

There are a lot of late-night TV ads out there touting the latest and greatest in ab-building technology. But the best ab exercises take hard work and proper execution to get rock-solid results.

It is important to find the exercise that is the most effective and comfortable for you to perform; increasing repetitions and resistance as time goes on can make even the most basic abdominal exercise explosive muscle workouts.

Crunches with an ab rocker machine: The ab rocker helps you perfect your abdominal crunch form. It takes pressure off your back and neck and helps ensure that your crunch movement is smooth and fluid. This exercise involves lying on the ground with your knees bent so that your feet are firmly flat on the ground.

Resting your head on the head support pad, you'll grasp each side of the ab rocker where the hand grips are. Once in position you'll curl your body up, bringing your elbows slowly up towards your knees. You won't need to touch your elbows to your knees -- the roller will guide your body.