Best Calorie-Burning Exercises

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A nice leisurely stroll is an easy way to burn a few calories, but let's face the facts. A slow walk only helps shed the pounds the same way -- slowly. If you want to rev up your weight loss, you want big numbers.

For maximum calorie crunching, short and intense workouts give you more bang for the buck than long and slow. Here are seven activities that burn up those calories like wildfire, so you can see the results you want, quick as a blaze.

Jumping Rope

It may seem like little girl stuff, but there's a good reason that heavyweight boxers also make use of jump ropes. It's a serious hardcore workout. Not only can jumping rope burn about 200 calories for only 15 minutes (800k an hour), but it increases agility, tones your muscles and gives you powerful strength.


Take a good look at the mallwalkers in their track suits on Sunday. Do any of them have the body you want? No, it's the runners who look long, lithe and muscular. That's because a mere 20 minutes of sprinting burns almost double the calories of a whole hour of strolling. Speed up your time around the block and you'll burn about 700 calories an hour.