Best Leg Exercises

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The strong muscles of your legs help you walk, run, jump, skip, dance and hop your way through life every day. Finding the best leg exercises to shape and tone the legs can be a challenge. Maintaining your leg shape can be just as difficult.

Variety is the key to making your legs looks their best. If you focus too much attention on one muscle group, then you might neglect the other muscles of the legs. Changing up the most effective leg exercises will ensure that you receive a comprehensive workout that works all the leg muscles.

Target exercises for the various leg muscle groups are an effective way to tone muscles. A well-rounded exercise routine always gives the best results. Try mixing the following exercises with an aerobic workout such as dancing, swimming, biking, running or walking. It's recommended that you do leg exercises on alternate days from other activities to prevent injury.

Squats (glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps)

The greatest thing about a simple squat is that you can add some barbells, light hand weights, an exercise ball or lean against a wall for variation. Move your legs apart a little, and you work your hamstrings harder.