Stripping for Fitness: Try a Racy Workout!

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The hottest of the hot, Carmen Electra's site ( offers a series of seven instructional DVDs. Each of the DVDs starts with a warm-up and progresses to hot moves very close to real-life stripping moves (think hip rolls, deep squats and floor work). This is an intensely sexy workout complete with cute finger biting and frisky spanking. Start with the Fit To Strip DVD before trying the more advanced routines on the Advanced, In the Bedroom, Vegas, Lap Dance or Hip Hop DVDs. All of Carmen's DVDs offer great choreography and fabulous dance tracks.

Whether you sign up for a strip aerobics class at the nearest gym or order a DVD and work out in your living room, plan on adding a little sass to your step as you walk down the street. Or surprise your significant other with a risque little move the next time you're on the dance floor together. Wake up your wild side and let the sexy new you come out to play.