The Most Effective Exercises

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Triceps Kickback

The triceps are one of the hardest muscle groups to target, but you can do it with a series of tricep kickbacks. You'll need a medium to heavy dumbbell to perform this basic exercise; start with your feet in a staggered position and support your lower back with one hand on your knee. Then, hold the weight and extend your arm back until the upper arm is parallel with the floor; hold for a few seconds, and then repeat the sequence. This exercise targets both the triceps and the abdominal muscles.


When you want to get your lower body in great shape, doing a series of squats can help you increase strength in your glutes, thighs and hip muscles. Squats can be performed with or without weights and require you to stand with feet hip-width apart and slowly lower yourself down to a "seated position" until your knees are bent. The longer you can hold this posture, the stronger your glutes and thighs will become. Try it with different weights to build strength and sculpt your lower body in no time.