Worst Abdominal Exercises

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In American society, flat abs equal beauty and appeal. That is why Americans spend hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours trying to obtain the perfect, six-pack abs, only to find that it's not working.

The reason it is not working is simple: Six-pack abs involve a well-developed muscle made visible by the lack of body fat. In other words, perfect abs are created when you have toned muscles and no fat. They are a combination of diet and exercise.

A good abdominal workout is one that is both effective and safe. Most abdominal exercises focus on external muscles and neglect the inner core muscles, which are essential to a good abdominal workout. They do not provide the range of motion with reasonable resistance that is necessary to work both the central and side muscles. In addition, most common exercises put such pressure on the lower back that the risks outweigh any benefits.

The five least effective -- and possibly most damaging -- abdominal exercises are: