Perricone Prescription

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According to Dr. Perricone, when a person examines disease-riddled cells under a microscope, inflammation is present at all times. He believes that inflammation is the foundation of disease. Based on this data, he created an anti-inflammatory routine to fight the effects -- because it is what a person puts in his or her mouth that contributes to the condition.

Sugar and high- glycemic carbohydrates quickly change to sugar. Elevated blood sugar in turn causes chemical reactions in the body that cause inflammation. Protein helps to repair the cells that have been damaged. However, Dr. Perricone maintains that it is important to be cautious in the proteins you select as some create proinflammatory reactions. He cites beef, lamb, veal and pork as unfavorable proteins. As you get rid of these inflammatory-causing foods, you will notice weight loss as a by-product of your efforts.

Different foods reccomended by Perricone to avoid are pastas, pizza, breads, bananas, and other foods with high sugar or foods that break down into sugar, as they contribute to inflammation. Conversely, he recommends that his followers stock up on proteins that are healthy and fats such as berries, avocados, dark leafy greens, vegetables and salmon. In addition to enhancing weight loss, these foods also contribute to skin that looks healthier and younger.