Avoid Diet Pitfalls

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The best thing to do at the grocery store is to buy whole grains, lean meats, fruits and vegetables, real yogurt and cheeses, skim or soy milk, and packaged foods in moderation. If you find that you need the convenience of grabbing a ready-to-go meal, make extras when you cook and freeze the leftovers in easy single portions. The right way to diet may take longer, but you will keep the weight off for good by making these choices.

These tips are great for eating at home, but let's assume that you want to eat out once in a while. First, watch your portions at the restaurant! Do you really need an appetizer, three rolls, a salad, an entre, and dessert? Such meals jeopardize any diet, because the calories and fat content are astronomical, almost always more than your daily allotment should be. If you want something from each course, at the very least try cutting the portions in half. A great trick is to box up half of your meal before you even dig in.

So what should you order? Some menus now have a "healthy" section that even tells you the calories and fat content. Just ask about the salt content; you don't want the meal to bloat you out. Opt for grilled or broiled choices, with no cheese or cheesy sauces (think marinara vs. alfredo), and be sure that half of your meal contains all vegetables. By following these simple guidelines, you won't be afraid to eat out ever again!