Benefits of an Anti-inflammatory Diet

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This sort of inflammation happens under our radar but often results in chronic diseases such as autoimmune disorders, diabetes, and cancer. Dr. James O'Keefe from the University of Kansas-Missouri confirms that there is a "linear relationship" between diet and inflammatory response. "The highly processed, calorie-dense, nutrient-depleted diet favored in the current American culture...leads to increased oxidant stress and inflammation," O'Keefe says.

The Benefits of an Anti-inflammation Diet
One of the many benefits of an anti-inflammation diet is a reduction of diabetes and heart disease. Both of these diseases have been linked to the constant spikes in blood sugar that are the result of the highly processed foods many of us eat.

White flour, corn syrups, sugar and hydrogenated oils all contribute to fluctuations in blood sugar and blood fats that cause inflammation. Anti-inflammation diets promote fruits, vegetables and lean proteins, all of which promote even blood sugar levels.

Weight loss has been connected to anti-inflammation diets. The fruits, vegetables and nuts present in these diets provide more nutrients and fiber than processed foods and lean proteins make us feel full after a meal, all of which contribute to eating less.