Delicious Fiber Sources

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Ideally, we should get some fiber at every meal, starting with breakfast. Bran cereals, especially those with 6 grams or more fiber per serving, are excellent choices as long as we watch the amount of sugar they contain.

Oatmeal and oat bran still top the list as the best choice for a healthy first meal, but rice and wheat bran, and wheat germ are also good. To enhance the flavor, especially when feeding the picky kids in your family, try topping them with almonds or diced apples instead of sugar.

For lunch, ditch the hamburger and fries, and opt instead for a tasty, fiber-rich meal of fresh vegetables (like celery sticks with black bean dip), a handful of low-salt, dry-roasted nuts (like almonds or peanuts), and apples or a serving of berries. They are not only tasty and nutritious, but are loaded with essential fiber. That old standby, peanut butter, is also a good lunchtime choice. Low-fat, crunchy peanut butter (with reduced sugar, so forget the jelly) on whole wheat bread is filling and nutritious.

A good evening meal that is high in fiber and essential vitamins and minerals is wild or brown rice with fish or chicken (with the skin removed), with lentils or beans as a vegetable. Skip the rich sauces, and try a light clam or peanut sauce for flavor.