Do You Know Where Hidden Calories Lie?

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This one is a shocker! Low fat plain yogurt, with only 1 percent milk fat comes in at 170 calories -- bump up the satisfaction level by adding fresh fruit. And you thought you were doing so well for lunch. A tuna mayonnaise sandwich can add up to almost 500 calories, so skip the mayo or try low-fat salad dressing for extra zing.Try a low-calorie chicken sandwich instead that has only 270 calories. Another surprising dieters' lunch favorite is soup. It's hot and filling, but while it only contains 140 calories a cup, the sodium can be a problem for those with hypertension or heart disease. Campbell's Italian style wedding soup has more than 480 mgs of sodium.

Sides for dinner and lunch can really add up to to sabotage the best laid diet plans. Quick-prep pastas like Pasta Roni Angel hair pasta top off at 310 calories-- for just one cup. Catalina dressing is 130 calories per 2 tablespoons. And ranch dressing adds up to about 150 calories for two tablespoons, while light ranch comes to just 80 calories.