Is Portion Distortion Making You Fat?

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by Ginger Voight

In our Super Size world, it can be easy for us to lose track of how to portion our food. Promises of "all you can eat" for pennies more than you'd pay for smaller quantities tantalize not only the taste buds but those seeking a bargain. Unfortunately this can ultimately pay off with larger waistlines and health problems from overindulgence.

Simply put: people now eat more than they need to eat.

According to the Children's Research Center, portion sizes (and their caloric content) have increased dramatically.

A serving of soda used to be around six ounces and 85 calories. Now that same soda is 20 ounces and three hundred calories.

A simple bagel used to be three inches in diameter and ran about 140 calories. Now they are five to six inches in diameter and weigh in at 350 calories or higher.