Lose Weight for Better Sex

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Do you look forward to having sex with your partner, or is it something you avoid? Many people who are not happy with their bodies or the way they look have a lackluster sex life, and typically avoid sex so they don't have to deal with anxiety or embarrassment about their bodies. However, experts say that people who feel confident about their bodies and are at a healthy weight experience a strong sex drive and enjoy healthier sex lives than those who are overweight or obese.

Key Reasons Why Weight Loss Improves Your Sex Life

  1. You release more sex hormones. Being overweight can reduce the release of sex hormones that stimulate sexual desire. When your body simply isn't producing enough sex hormones, you won't be in the mood for sex and may even lose interest in your partner.
  2. You increase your sexual desire. Maintaining a healthy weight can make you feel more sexually attractive and also increase your desire for your partner. This is important for any healthy sexual relationship, and being overweight can make this very difficult to achieve.
  3. You'll perform better in bed. Physical activities and exercises that keep your circulation going can actually build sexual desire and improve your response to sex. Exercises that increase blood circulation to the genitals such as yoga, cycling or fast-paced walking can keep you in good health and improve your sexual response.
  4. More body confidence. When you feel confident and healthy on the inside and outside, you'll feel more confident with your partner. This can dramatically improve your sex life and help you enjoy the experience.
  5. High level of stamina. When you have a high energy level and are in great shape from exercising regularly, you can enjoy a strong and healthy sexual experience in bed. People who are fit and healthy are likely to perform better (see #3) and enjoy a more fulfilling and satisfying sexual experience with their partners.