Snacks with Less Than 100 Calories

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Snacks with less than 100 calories are not hard to find. The key to a good snack is finding food that effectively fights off hunger. If you choose a snack with fiber and/or protein, it will most likely hold you over until mealtime. Whether you prefer sweet or salty, you can have a great snack for less than 100 calories.

Sweet Snacks

One of the healthiest snacks under 100 calories is fresh fruit. A crunchy apple is 81 calories and has almost 4 grams of fiber. A Bartlett pear has 98 calories and plenty of fiber. A whole cup of fresh strawberries totals just 45 calories. Go ahead, have two cups! Ten grapes have 36 calories. Place them in a small Ziploc bag and freeze them. Pop one in your mouth for a great, refreshing treat.

If you want a smooth, cool treat, why not prepare Jell-O Fat-Free Sugar-Free Pudding in your choice of flavors and top it with 2 tablespoons of Cool Whip Free for only 85 delicious calories? Since we're talking about cold snacks -- for even fewer calories, 10 to be exact -- make-up some Sugar-Free Jell-O. Adding a cup of strawberries to this snack is a fantastic way to get some fiber. Don't forget the Cool Whip Free!

Salty Snacks

Sometimes, we just have to have something salty. And for just 50 calories, you can have 3 cups of Orville Redenbacher's Light Microwave Popcorn. If you would rather have pretzels, treat yourself to an ounce of Mister Salty Pretzel Sticks for 90 calories. One great salty treat is a handful of Premium's Mini-Saltine crackers. With the just the right amount of salt and crispy texture, a serving totals just 70 calories.