The 3 Hidden Keys to Burning Stubborn Fat

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Be careful, because tap water is not a good choice. Ideally, you want to drink purified water, either through a commercial filter or boiled.

Boxers and athletes drink tons of water a few weeks before game time, to get as lean as possible.

Tip 3:
Do 20 minutes of light resistance training before cardio.

If you want to burn up to 200 percent more fat during your aerobic or cardio workout routine, then you must do a light session of weight lifting or resistance training for about 20 minutes.

Your body does not burn fat for the first 20 minutes of any exercise. If you run for 20 minutes without doing any exercise before-hand, you will only be burning glycogen, not fat. Glycogen is the source of energy used by your muscles.

Basically, you have to elevate your heart rate for at least 20 minutes before your body starts burning fat.

The best way to elevate your heart rate and kick-start your metabolism is to do light resistance training for about 20 minutes before your cardio routine. What this does is two things:

1) You break that 20-minute "plateau" your body needs to start burning fat.
2) You raise your metabolism 100-200 percent, so while you do your cardio/aerobic routine, you'll literally burn up to two times more fat.