The 3 Hidden Keys to Burning Stubborn Fat

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Resistance, or weight training, boosts your metabolism like no other form of exercise, often for a period of 24 hours or more. So your body will burn fat even while you sleep, as your muscles recover overnight.

Now you know why all those successful aerobic videos usually require resistance bands or small dumbbells as part of the workout routines.

You can use resistance bands, free weights, or machines. Keep in mind that you must do "light" resistance training so you still have plenty of energy to do cardio.

To see fast results from your workout routines, follow this strategy for maximum fat loss.

OK, so let's summarize the three "power tips" for rapid fat loss:
1. Replace breads and pasta with fruits and vegetables.
2. Drink 16 glasses of purified water or spring water a day.
3. Do 20 minutes of light weight lifting (resistance training) before your cardio routine.

These specific strategies will drop pants sizes and bring out the curves faster than you can buy a new wardrobe.