The Smartest Fast-food Meals

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If you're in the mood for something a little more sandwichy that you can eat with one hand, order a wrap. Just make sure the wrap is made with grilled rather than deep-fried meat, and that it doesn't have too much creamy sauce and cheese.

Avoid Meal Deals

If you pay attention, you'll notice the menus in fast-food restaurants are geared toward those all-inclusive "meal deals" which typically include a sandwich, drink and fries. Avoid these at all costs, especially the super-sized options. Instead, order a chicken or fish sandwich (or a wrap or salad); fruit cup or veggies; and water, milk, or ice tea.

Avoid Fatty Deep-Fried Foods Recently, media attention has been placed on unhealthy trans fats used by fast-food chains to cook such calorie-busting treats as French fries, hash browns and fried cheese balls. While many chains have switched to non trans-fat oils, these foods still add plenty of calories and saturated fats to your diet. Try carrot sticks or whole baked potatoes as a healthy alternative.