Worst Dining-Out Choices

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Most diners think that they are making a smart choice in selecting a salad, but unless it's non-dressed, it may not be such a wise move. Salad dressings usually contain a large number of calories. If you want just a little dressing, then ask your server for your salad dressing "on the side," as this way you can dictate how much (or rather how little) of it you use. Alcohol is one of those items that's described as having "empty calories," that's because you get little back for the number of calories you spend on it. When dining out, imagine you have, say, 900 calories to spend on the entire meal, including alcohol; this will help you stick to those foods and drinks with fewer calories.

If you want an alcoholic drink with your meal, then a general rule of thumb is to stick to drinks you can see through: white wine and Champagne typically contain less calories than, say, port and beer. But remember that a standard glass of white wine contains about 115 calories so if you want to limit the number of calories you consume during the evening, it's best to stick to the one glass - and make it last!