Worst Dining-Out Choices

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You don't have to skip dessert when eating out, as there are some dishes that are relatively healthy. Choosing a healthy dessert is probably the easiest part of the meal. Everyone knows that fruit is nutritional and contains fewer calories than, say, a piece of chocolate cake. But again, plain, undressed fruit is the best choice.

Don't choose fruit that's in any sort of syrup or liquor as, again, these contain unwanted calories. Cheese may seem a healthy option but unless you can limit yourself to a small piece, it's best not to choose this, as most cheeses in restaurants aren't the low fat variety!

Making healthy food choices when eating out isn't difficult. It's really just a matter of common sense. Choose simple food that's prepared and cooked in a simple, unfussy way, with little garnish or dressing, and have no more than one or two alcoholic drinks with your meal. You can then happily dine out knowing that your dieting program won't have to be abandoned for the evening.