Your Ideal Weight Isn't What You Think It Is

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There are two convenient places where you can find a BMI calculator. First, just ask the friendly staff at your local health club. They will be more than happy to calculate your BMI and body fat percentage. Another resource is the on-line BMI calculator found at the Department of Health & Human Services site. Both sources are accurate and can help you determine if your BMI is in the acceptable range.

Body Fat Percentage Is The Best Measurement:

The way to measure and determine one's fat to lean muscle proportion is to determine body fat percentage. The body fat percentage is the percentage of an individual's weight that is fat. It is entirely possible for a person that's 'heavy' on the scale to boast a low body fat percentage. Jay Cutler, for example, weighs in at 265 pounds but has a body fat percentage well below 10 percent. Fat Albert, on the other hand, has a body fat percentage greater than 50 percent. Body fat analysis is the only method that truly reflects the fitness level of the person.