Fiber35 Diet

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Fiber is a key component in promoting the loss of weight. Not only does it help people feel more full, it also fights off hunger. One serving of whole grain bread is more filling than if one devoured two servings of white bread. Fiber moves through the digestive system at a more rapid pace so less of it is absorbed. Many diet experts believe it to be the magic bullet for shedding extra pounds.

Now, a new diet is building upon the fabulous foundation that is fiber -- it is the dieting regiment known as Fiber35. Created by a bestselling author and digestion expert Brenda Watson, this diet is geared to help people lose weight while regaining their health by making fiber an important part of the diet.

Anyone interested in following the Fiber35 Diet can purchase the book or watch the program online via their website. Watson frequently is shown touting her program on PBS.

The goal is to eat at least 35 grams of fiber a day. There are easy ways to add a fiber punch to one's diet. Among her recommendations -- replace pasta, rice, and other products made from white flour with whole grain pasta, brown rice, and whole grain or whole wheat flour. Eat more fruit, legumes, and vegetables. Other good combos include sprinkling flax seeds into yogurt, or adding black beans or kidney beans to a salad.