Fiber35 Diet

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ImageBased on a person's weight loss goal, they can receive a customized Fiber35 diet program through their website. The plan divides itself into three distinct phases.

What quickly becomes apparent is the hard sell of their related fiber supplements. In Phase 1, dieters should eat two bars and two shakes a day. In Phase 2, they must eat a single shake and one bar per day.

There are FitSmart bars, shakes, fiber formulas, support formulas and cleansing formulas. Simply go into just about any health food store and find these products conveniently stationed next to a copy of the book. Watson maintains that the products are 100 percent natural and have no extra sugars or preservatives.

Though it is difficult to argue with a diet that is based on the many benefits of fiber, a proven weight loss resource, it can often be hard to stomach the push of the products. Getting passed this, the Fiber35 might just be your secret to lasting weight loss.