The Inside Out Diet

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As opposed to other diets where the goal is to lose extra pounds, the Inside Out Diet works to achieve good digestion, the foundation of good wellness and health. The Inside Out Diet was invented by Dr. Anthony Leeds, a medical doctor, renowned dietitian Fiona Hunter and expert in fitness Nicki Waterman.

Together these three experts created the Inside Out Diet to help people repair the damage done by lack of activity, poor diet, stress, smoking, dehydration and sleep deprivation. In addition to reversing digestive issues, it also stops digestion problems from happening in the first place.

Following the Inside Out Diet has a major pay-off that ends with more energy, proper immune responses, better mood, along with the reduction of the risk of heart diseases, stroke, cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Of course, lots of people who follow the Inside out Diet will experience weight loss as an extra bonus. Although the program can be used as the daily regimen, it is ideal for people who plan on taking a vacation where the food is different, are under a great deal of stress or have just finished taking antibiotics. All of these situations can disrupt the overall process of digestion, which is where the Inside Out Diet comes into play.