6 Day Body Makeover

ImageInstant gratification at its best. Prepare to lose one whole dress or pant size in just six days... and keep it off!

That is the claim from the 6-Day Body Makeover. The secret formula behind this "one-of-a-kind" gem is customization. By adapting the diet to your body type and metabolism, creator Michael Thurmond maintains that you can accelerate weight loss to see fast, rapid results. You'll actually shed a pound a day.

America has already tuned in to see Thurmond fight the fat as a member of the Extreme Team on ABC's Extreme Makeover.

A trimmed down version of his 6-Week Body Makeover, Thurmond explains that you should prepare to rack up your frequent-eater miles. You will consume a good amount of food throughout the day to rev up the metabolism and burn calories faster. In truth, you will most likely eat more than you have ever eaten on any other diet, or so says Thurmond. With his dieting plan, you will eat between five or six meals a day.

The first step is using Thurmond's Body Type Blueprinting System to determine body type, how the body reacts to food and how your metabolism is designed to process the foods you eat. This will be the guide to what you should and should not be eating. You will also get your own customized Body Sculpting Routine, which will only take about 15 to 18 minutes a day.

Unlike other quick-fixes, there are no special formulas, shakes or pills to reach these lightning-fast results. In fact, you eat normal foods and quite a few of them. The trick is to reach the right combination of foods to rev up your metabolism, done through the Body Type Blueprinting System. In doing this, you are using food as the fuel to burn fat. Once you receive the results of your blueprint, you can sign up for a customized meal plan on the 6-Week Body Makeover website.

ImageThe abridged version of his six-week program asks that dieters eliminate dairy and almost all fats. He also recommends drinking at least 12 glasses of water a day under this strict diet regimen. Thurmond also calls for a low-intensity workout, along with several breathing techniques which are supposed to tone the stomach and help eliminate fat.

With the program Thurmond says it is possible to consume the ideal foods in proper combinations, in the right amounts and at the right times of the day. In return, the metabolism will use the food you eat as fuel and will resist storing food as fat. With the program, Thurmond says it is not hard to drop as much as 30 pounds in six weeks with the extended version.

But you better be motivated and ready to love these low-calorie, high-protein meals. Some days the meals barely pass the recommended daily allotment of 1,200 calories. Egg whites, meat, fish, fresh vegetables and limited fruit are common items on the weekly menus. If you can stomach four ounces of protein and a cup of mixed greens for an extended period, you might just lose a size by week's end.