Cheat To Lose

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Cheat to Lose maintains it is on the market that has been specifically designed to work with the body, both on physical and psychological levels, instead of against it. Cheating enables people to lose by manipulating a very powerful hormone called leptin. Leptin, also known as the hormone centered around "anti-starvation", is the main thing that works with the brain to preserve body fat when food intake is low.

Unfortunately, leptin levels plummet quickly when dieting (by about 50% after only one week), which in turn decelerates fat loss. For these reasons, it only generally takes a few weeks before most individuals fall off a diet - the results just are not motivating enough to warrant the sacrifice.

And while it only takes around a week to see such a significant decline in leptin, it only takes a single day of "splurging" to bring levels of this fat-burning hormone back to baseline. And for those who worry that a day of dietary defiance will nullify recent progress, have no fear - leptin levels rise more quickly than lost fat is able to regenerate. By implementing regular dietary cheating, results actually occur faster than with restrictive dieting, consistently, week after week.