Cookie Diet

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The total calorie intake is only 800 each day, with 500 of those calories going directly from the high-protein cookies. The protein in the diet cookies, which are made in Siegel's bakery, acts as an appetite suppressant, which staves off hunger. Some of the ingredients include whole-wheat flour, oats and rice. Dinner consists of a lean protein like chicken or turkey and a salad.

By following the Cookie Diet, patients usually shed an average of 15 pounds a month.

However, it is not by cookies alone that followers lose. More than half of Siegel's patients are prescribed appetite suppressants. An additional 25 percent are put on thyroid hormones to speed up metabolism. In addition, you will fork out $7 a day in cookie costs, along with a monthly fee of $125.

An 800-calorie a day diet is not particularly healthy. While you will lose weight, it is highly unlikely you will be able to maintain such a loss or the eating habits it requires.