Eating for Life

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This nutritionally-sound eating plan is the anti-diet, allowing you to eat the foods you like -- and plenty of them - while still losing weight. Phillips knows the challenges of trying to stick to a diet that makes you feel deprived and hungry all the time. In fact, for many people eliminating their favorite foods is basically diet suicide, where they fall off the wagon, give into cravings, only to slip back into their same old habits.

Phillips' practical approach to weight loss takes all of these things into consideration. He's created a diet that helps you eat the right foods, in the right amounts, with the right combinations, at the right times. All of these factors play an integral part of weight-loss success. Your diet should consist of protein, carbohydrates, essential fats, vitamins, minerals and water. This is the winning formula for dropping those extra pounds. You'll learn to eat the proper portion sizes: protein equal to the size of your palm, a baked potato the size of your fist and enough vegetables to fill the cupped palm of your hand. Next is finding the right balance of protein, carbs and vegetables. Last but not least, you'll eat six times a day, three square meals, two snacks and a treat in the evening.

The best news is you follow this plan six days a week and get a free day to eat anything and everything you want on day seven. So you can cheat and not feel guilty. Ironically, there's a likelihood you'll have no desire to go off plan when you're enjoying French toast for breakfast, eggs and oranges for a morning snack, chicken pita pizza for lunch, cantaloupe cottage cup for an afternoon snack, filet mignon for dinner and an anyday sundae for dessert.