LA Weight Loss

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Although it changes from one center to another, counselors may either be trained in the field of nutrition or they might be former LA Weight Loss members who work off commission.
Before an individual can be a member, they fill out a medical questionnaire and undergo blood work. If there are no physical limitations, they become a member and attend sessions three times a week at the center. The program runs a year and consists of three phases: the weight loss phase, stabilization and maintenance. As you move through each different phase, you will begin to frequent the center on a weekly basis.

While LA Weight Loss' site presents an image reflecting a common-sense approach to losing those extra pounds, there are a couple of things that are just not made clear. One example would be becoming a member could cost you up to $1,000 just to get started, which you have to fork out for their nutritional supplements and bars. If you do not purchase the bars, then you are not eligible for the money back guarantee. The "counselors" get a percentage of whatever they sell, which also raises a few eyebrows.