WebMD Weight Loss Clinic

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ImageIn return, you will get an in-depth eating habits evaluation, along with a nutritional analysis report which shows where your diet could use some improvements. In addition, you will also have access to an interactive journal.

The WebMD Weight Loss Clinic gives many tools that help you achieve your goals. While following the program, you will keep a food journal to record everything you consume. You will receive immediate feedback on how you are doing to ensure you make progress. The journal is essential in helping you monitor exactly what you put in your mouth.

Every day, daily reminders provide tips and support to keep you on track. The program also ensures you get the proper guidance for establishing a healthy fitness plan. And you are never by yourself. There is a whole community of dieters at your disposal day or night on the message boards.

The WebMD Weight Loss Clinic does not make any lofty claims about quick weight-loss or miracle results. Instead it offers a sound, common-sense type approach to dieting that focuses on modifying your behavior and changing your habits for life.