Eat Great, Lose Weight

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Image1. Follow a low-carb, food-combining plan.
2. Stay away from "funky foods" such as sugar and flour.
3. Eat fruits on an empty stomach.
4. Consume proteins and fats with veggies and without carbs.
5. Eat carbs with vegetables and without fat.

Although it is a moderately low-carb program, dieters are allowed to indulge in fruits, pastas and other carbs. With more than 100 diverse recipes, dieters following the Eat Great, Lose Weight approach can expect to eat Thanksgiving Turkey with Mushroom Sausage Stuffing, French Onion Soup, Decadent Chocolate Cake and much more.

There is a good deal of variety, and people following the program can expect to see slow, steady results. There is no severe calorie restriction so dieters will never feel deprived. Although Somers swears by the power of food combining, there is no actual proof that the practice accomplishes anything concrete.

Now, dieters can follow Somers' program online at By taking a free diet profile and becoming a member, they will receive a customized weight-loss program including menus, recipes, professional and peer support and much more.