The Anne Collins Diet

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You do not have to choose simply because you will have access to all nine. Of course, there is a price - you will have to fork out $19.97 for a yearly membership.

For this, you will get motivational tips, exercise guidance and advice about calories. There are diet-and-fitness related eBooks on the site as well to check out. You will have access to forums frequented by other members of her program. You will also be able to interact with Anne via email or through her forum to have questions answered.

Along with the many tools on, there are also numerous reviews of other weight-loss programs where Anne gives her perspective in a round-up on some of the most mainstream programs. Of course, the site is also chock full of information regarding Anne's own diet plans.

One thing you will notice is that almost all of the diets are based on a caloric intake of 1,100, which is less than the recommended daily values. She firmly emphasizes "quick weight loss" something that might be frowned upon by many doctors and nutrition experts.