The Anne Collins Diet

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ImageHere is a breakdown of the different offerings, according to her site:

Low GI Diet - A good choice for people who want to maintain blood-sugar levels or suffer from type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance or PCOS.

Low-Carb Diet - Best for somebody who likes the low-carb lifestyle and prefers to lose weight fast.

Balanced Diet - The ideal choice for anyone who prefers a healthy and flexible diet that promises quick weight loss.

14-Day Low Calorie Diet Booster - The diet for anyone in search of quick weight loss, desperate to get off a plateau or trying to lose those last few pounds.

Cholesterol Lowering Diet -- Good for the person who wants to lower their cholesterol and lose weight at a very fast pace.

Vegetarian Quick-Start Diet -- Best for people who enjoys vegetarian food, wants to eat less meat, and who wants to lose body fat as quickly as possible.

10-Minutes-Meals Diet - Ideal for the person who has a lot of time to cook, wants to eat healthy and wants to lose weight fast.

Diet For Life -- For anyone who wants to learn about healthy eating and who needs an easy weight loss plan to normalize their weight in a gradual way.

Vegetarian Diet For Life -- Used by vegetarians who want to learn about healthy eating and need an easy weight-loss plan to normalize their weight in a gradual way.