TNT Diet

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ImageThe Reloading Time Zone is the high-carb diet which makes for plenty of protein and lots of carbs. Followers can spend up to two days a week, more specifically 36 hours, in the Reloading Time Zone. It would be this zone that drives muscle-building nutrients into the muscle cells.

In the Muscle-Building Time Zone, a workout nutrition approach is used. By filling up on proteins -- such as shakes or tuna -- or a snack with both proteins and carbs, this prepares the muscles to grow.

Made up of four phases, the TNT workout plan stretches throughout the 12-week period. It is important to do three weight-training workouts each week with a day's rest in between. Alternate workouts each session so that you never do the same workout in a row. Perform the exercises in the order shown.

With the help the TNT Diet's help, you will achieve the muscle mass you want in a matter of months.