Bikini Boot Camp

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According to the Bikini Boot Camp babes, the program is for people who are looking to start a healthy lifestyle and tighten and tone the butt, stomach and other trouble spots through balanced eating, fitness, meditation and motivation.

While the expression "boot camp" may conjure up /images of a rigorous workout, it is actually a softer approach to harder bodies. The boot camp element is that there is discipline and dedication. It is not a boot camp where the dieter feels completely exhausted and winded to the point where he or she cannot do anything. This program is energizing. By eating in a healthy fashion, journaling and exercising, it is designed to help energize rather than fatigue.

While many people fork out top dollar for a stay at the luxurious Amansala Spa, you can now have enjoyable workouts, recipes and all of the other regimens for less than $20 by simply purchasing Bikini Book Camp online or at your local bookshop. Comparable to having your own personal trainer, Bikini Boot Camp gives a step-by-step manual on your daily fitness regimen, full of explanations and illustrations. Made up of four components, circuit training, core strengthening, yoga and walking are all essential elements for achieving a hot beach body.

The fitness regimen consists of 40 minutes of circuit training daily, 20 minutes of core strengthening every other day, 15 minutes of yoga a day and an hour of walking a day. It may seem like a lot to someone who does virtually no physical activity, but all four components are necessary to achieve a firmer, fitter figure.