Get With The Program

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ImagePhase Three: Getting Real about Emotional Eating
It is a period to address a major issue known as emotional eating. If you aresomeone who lets your emotions drive you in the direction of food, thischapter is just what you need to get on the fast-track to fighting fat. The
program gives six steps to getting rid of emotional eating.

Phase Four: Securing a Life of Health and Emotional Well-Being
Bring it all together in Phase Four. Say adios to fats, excess sugar and those unhealthy carbs. It's time to key in on eating habits, and take a close look at your fitness regimen. In addition to aerobic exercise, you will want to add strength training elements to your workout.

Bob offers plenty of resources in his Get With The Program book. By using journaling, worksheets and questionnaires, he makes the weight-lossprocess simple. Also, there is also an online component where dieters can sign of for a 12-week online course that costs just $4.99 a week.

The program offers chats with Bob, support groups, menus, recipes, animated exercises, customized workout plans and much more.