Karl Lagerfeld Diet

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The plan utilizes three strategies - cut back calories, eliminate refined, fatty and fried foods and increase lean proteins and fresh vegetables. Low in carbs, low in fat and low in calories, the "Spoonlight Program" might sound like a drag until you get the fabulous French recipes such as fish souffle, tuna and blackberry mousse, veal with plums and stuffed endives. There's also the daily "protein sachets," the creators' version of a Slim-Fast shake which should be consumed along with eight ounces of vegetables.

The first phase of the diet is super-restrictive, calling for just 800 calories a day while under the guidance of a physician. If you haven't starved to death after the initial two weeks, you'll move on to phase two. With a daily intake of 1,000 to 1,200 calories, it's only natural to feel a tad deprived, not to mention hungry.

By phase three, you'll graduate to a measly 1,200 to 1,600 calories, which might make you feel semi-human again if you're lucky.

However, it's a necessary evil according to this "diet" guru. Dieting has to be sort of punishment, Lagerfeld says. So if you're in the mood to make the transformation from food glutton to glutton for punishment, the Karl Lagerfeld Diet might be right up your alley. Keep in mind Lagerfeld also debunks the importance of exercise and promotes cosmetic surgery as a tool for achieving a better body.