The Great American Detox Diet

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Her recipe for recovery was the Great American Detox Diet. The 8-week program brought Spurlock back to fine form and it can do the same for you, even if you have not spent the last month gorging on fast food. Jamieson definitely considers fast food the enemy.

Among the foods on her hit list: sugar, caffeine, dairy, wheat, corn and an excess of fat, carbs and protein. Her plan requires you to reduce and eliminate all sugars, including refined sugars found in everything from cakes and cookies to pasta sauces and salad dressing. Get rid of all soda - even the diet versions. Drink more than eight glasses of water a day. Consume at least one green leafy vegetable a day. They are filled with vitamins and minerals and they detoxify, cleanse and energize your body. Broccoli, silverbeet, spinach, bok choy and cabbage (fresh of frozen) all fit the bill.

Drawing on her cooking background, Jamieson encourages followers to indulge in walnut burgers, sweetcorn and kidney bean chili, sesame pasta, vegetarian san choy bow, Thai noodle salad and a morning shake made of fruit, soy milk and aloe vera juice.