Pick-Up Tactics That Work

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If you're a single woman who is in the market for a great date, you may be wondering about how to successfully pick up men (or women), particularly if you've decided that you would like to meet someone the old fashioned way - i.e. in person and face-to-face. Once you spot someone you're interested in, it's time to consider what pick-up tactics work.

Many women shudder at the idea of hitting the dreaded single's bar, where the only thing you're guaranteed is to hear a bunch of cheesy pick-up lines, often with nothing to show but disappointment and a lack of quality meetings.

Best Places to Pick-Up Men (Hint: It's Not the Single's Bar)

Depending on your age and objectives, you may picture single's bars or dance clubs as the best places to meet men. You may think that all you need to do is throw on your sexiest outfit and head out, where you're guaranteed to pick up men all night. But your competition in these settings will be very high, and these dark, loud, and often smoky settings aren't conducive to figuring out if someone is right for you.

Some of your best chances for a successful pick up will happen in more organic settings, such as a dog park, the beach, a coffee shop, grocery stores, sporting events, or even the Laundromat. These places allow you to more easily strike up a natural conversation-about the weather, a pet, a book-instead of relying on tired pick-up lines that do nothing to showcase your brain, personality, or creativity.