7 Ways for Women to Look Great Naked

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By Lucas Wold

My gym is located right by Lake Tahoe, which is home to the sexiest beaches in Nevada, hands down. It should come as no surprise then, that I am most often called on for help lookin' good in a bikini.

Here are SEVEN of my sizzling hot tips to help you raise your metabolism through the roof, so you'll be lean and sexy and looking great naked before strutting your stuff on the beach:

1. Supplement your diet with krill oil, whey protein, and a greens booster.

This is the magic combination to stoke your metabolic fire. Krill oil helps increase your fat burning powers, whey protein builds lean, sexy muscle, and the greens supplement will keep everything nice and balanced.

2. Train with resistance.

Training for strength, either with weights or your own body weight is one of the absolute best ways to transform your body. Lean muscle is what gives your body that sexy shape. Plus, muscle tissue raises your metabolism so that you will burn fat even while you're asleep!

3. Use intervals.

Traditional cardiovascular training has been shown to be ineffective for fat loss. Much better is to train with intervals. Intervals are simply periods of higher intensity activity alternated with lower intensity periods. For instance, if you use a spin bike, an interval workout could be 30 seconds pedaling as hard as you can mixed with 30 seconds of easy spinning.