How a Food Journal Can Help Your Diet

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4. Use a "check-off" system to make sure you eat the number of servings of fruits, vegetables, dairy, or water you need. If you are a person who has trouble drinking enough water, for example, include a place to count water servings.

Why Keep A Food Journal?

For many, a food journal keeps them honest. That handful of almonds? Those bites of chocolate cake? Write them down and count them.

Plus, your food journal reveals the foods you consumed when you lost a pound. Review the journal on weeks you did not lose or even gained weight to see what you did/didn't do in terms of eating and exercise activity.

Your food journal will educate you about your eating habits. It will also show you when you've eaten too much food, if you have a habit of eating a fat-laced snack at 10 p.m., or that you eat too few fruits and vegetables.

Utilizing a food journal leads to dieting success. The secret is out.