Learn to Love Your Body at Any Size

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Learning to love your body is crucial.

From magazine ads to music videos, women are barraged by images of stick-figure women who are far from the norm. If a woman is not a size 4, she may consider herself overweight and strive to obtain a body image that's unachievable.

These unrealistic goals lead to low self-esteem and negative body image. The truth is, no body is perfect. We all have flaws. The best way to combat poor body image is by loving the body you have. Below are some ways to improve your self-image.

Find something you like about your body

It is easy to point out the imperfections, but why not find something you love about yourself? Look in the mirror. It could be your hips or your thighs. Whatever it is, focus on that and write it down. Once this is done, go deeper. What is that you love about your legs? How do they make you feel? Focusing on something positive will help enhance the personal image you have of yourself.

Rest well

Simply getting a good quality sleep can enhance a person's overall look. Most experts recommend six to eight hours of sleep. Deep sleep is considered "quality" because it enables the brains to reboot in a sense. During this time there is an immense amount of activity going on inside the brain. Once a person establishes a regular sleep pattern, they will feel ten times better and begin to look better. Studies have shown that people who get more sleep tend to weigh less than those who get less than six hours. So rest up.