The Benefits of Journaling for Weight Loss

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A journal documenting your dieting journey can be a beneficial tool to ensure achieving weight-loss success. Keeping a record of your efforts and analyzing what works and what does not is tantamount to creating a personal support system.

Your journal can consist of much more than a simple food diary. It can contain detailed information about your exercise efforts, your feelings and behaviors -- whatever will raise self-awareness and keep your enthusiasm, determination and optimism at a consistently high level. Begin your journal by stating your goals in regard to attaining weight loss and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

A daily affirmation statement, in the form of a brief note to yourself, will be inspiration to continue on your diet. Express your belief that you deserve to become a healthier, more physically fit person. Compliment yourself for your continuing efforts. Forgive yourself for occasions when you become discouraged and stray from your resolve. Loving and affirming yourself in this manner will keep your self-esteem intact and reinforce your determination to adhere to your diet.

Additional benefits of keeping a weight-loss journal:
An accurate record
Keep a daily record of calories ingested, specific food items consumed, portion control, water consumption for hydration, exercise accomplishments, current weight and progressive changes -- any detail of information related to your efforts to lose weight and keep it off. Writing it all down will ensure accuracy.

Chart progress
Total calories, broken down into meals and snacks, will allow you to see if you are exceeding your daily target amount. You will become familiar with the number of calories in specific items. Document your starting weight and watch the number decrease when the weekly encounter with the scale reveals pounds lost.