Abs Diet for Women

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From celebrities like Nelly Furtado to the average Jane who wants to shed those post-pregnancy pounds, the Abs Diet for Women is for all women. Unlike the original Abs Diet, the Abs Diet for Women has guidelines for calorie counting, following a vegetarian lifestyle and dealing with hormonal problems that complicate weight loss.

Of course, the central focus of the program is to tighten that tummy. You want to strengthen your entire core - focusing on the upper section of abs, the lower section, the obliques (sides), the deep supportive muscle (the transverse abdominis), and the lower back.

Ab work is done just two or three times a week with a few exercises at a time - enough to strengthen your core, without doing so much that you are going to look like a bodybuilder. That way, the goal is a flat, toned stomach.

In the Abs Diet, the primary component is the eating principles -- specifically, being sure that the individual eats often enough to keep her metabolism revved and making sure she eats the right fat-burning and good-for-you Abs Diet Powerfoods that will help keep her content all day long.